“Geoff is a consummate professional who is always a pleasure to work with. He’s an extremely detail-oriented art director, who continues to push while also demonstrating a great deal of patience, and will always deliver a bullet-proof presentation. His ideas, sense of design and photographic talents will be sure to please clients, while his personal interests and sense of humour keep the workday conversation flowing smoothly. Just don’t challenge him to Star Wars trivia, you will lose. Geoff would be a great asset to any creative department.”

Ian Schwey - VP, Executive Creative Director


“Awards? Promotions? Free steak dinners? All nice, but to those who have had the pleasure of working with Geoff Owen, few creative experiences compare. Geoff’s a highly skilled, talented and versatile design ninja you can always count on for next level thinking and precise, professional execution. From brainstorm sessions and lightning turnarounds to client presentations and Game of Thrones theories, Geoff’s a cool, experienced team player who enhanced every project we ever worked on with killer insights and solutions and a sense of humour that made even the longest days fly by.”

Sean Jordan - Copywriter at tag agencies


“Geoff's razor-sharp instincts make him a valuable senior creative. I worked along-side Geoff on both Mary Brown's and Kraft Foodservice projects and had opportunity then to experience his solid judgment and disciplined work ethic. What makes a great working relationship is the ability to share professional insights, and also to be able to keep a sense of humour when it's needed, and Geoff has that ability to think critically and keep a project on track, while enjoying the process.”

Elyssa Schmid - Senior Art Director & Brand Articulator


“Geoff and I worked together for 2 years and he is a great creative and a great colleague! Geoff understands what the client wants and can achieve the ask based on the clients expectations but at the same time he thinks about a better creative solution to present to the client that still meets their needs and objectives. It is a creative balance that Geoff manages effectively and as an account person I appreciate.”

Marisa Mancebo Harris - Account Director


“I've had the pleasure of working with Geoff as a colleague and hiring him on a freelance basis. In both instances, Geoff always delivered creative solutions that went above and beyond the initial ask. He grounds his creative designs in strategy and insights; he pushes the boundaries at times - but always for the good of the project.”

Jan Ferguson - VP, Client Leadership at The Mars Agency


“It's rare to come across an Art Director whose talent can be easily transferrable to many different clients. Geoff and I worked together at tag agencies on many different accounts spanning from Franchise (B2C) to large Enterprise (B2B). Geoff's attention to detail is truly remarkable and he is a highly creative art director. He has a great sense of art and style which transcend across multiple platforms. Whether it be TV, print, online, name it.. I would recommend Geoff to anyone looking to work with a creative Rock Star!”

Monica Musil - Account Supervisor at tag agencies